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What Everything Everywhere All at Once Gets Right About Film

The movie industry is picking back up again after the COVID-19 pandemic rocked production timelines and audiences. And, just like in the pre-pandemic world, many filmmakers are falling back into the same old pattern of producing cookie cutter blockbusters with simplified storytelling and generic special effects. Every project tries to go bigger by simply spending […]

Wireless Mic from Comica

Is Comica BoomX-U QUA wireless mic better than DJI & RODE?

The wireless mic market is full of options. DJI and RODE have top of the line products that seem to get most of the buzz these days. However, there is another option that we recently tested during the NAB Show in Las Vegas – the Comica BoomX-U QUA UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System. Check out […]

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