John Owens

John is the face, personality and director of Frame Voyager. He's an avid Blackmagic Design user and Grant Petty super fan. You can count on him to always provide helpful camera tech tips, honest product reviews and a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Outside of the Frame Voyager community, John partners with corporate clients to produce marketing materials that tell their unique brand story.

Anna Owens

Anna joined Frame Voyager in January 2022 as the Content Director. If you see any form of content from Frame Voyager (minus the crazy antics from John), there's a good chance she had a hand in development. She's also excited to get back to her journalism and news producer roots with the Ungraded Camera News weekly series.

Outside of work for the Frame Voyager community, Anna brings years of corporate content marketing experience to our clients. Pair your company's Frame Voyager videos with an exciting social media campaign for maximum exposure and brand storytelling.