A leader in audio recording products is entering the microphone market. Universal Audio unveiled the first installments of a mic series with the SD-1 and the SP-1.

About the SD-1

The SD-1 is a dynamic cardioid mic designed to capture vocals, instruments, livestreams and podcasts with broadcast level quality. It goes from 50 HZ-16KHZ. You can also utilize a 3-pin XLR connector to hook up the microphone with your camera. And, a bonus, there’s a selectable low cut filter to enhance articulation of the vocals and instruments. This will eliminate unwanted extra sound and background noise.

Universal Audio SD-1
Image Credit: Universal Audio

This is a great option for YouTubers and podcasters. It is available now for $299.

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About the SP-1

The SP-1 is a pair of studio condenser stereo mics. The set is designed for recording instruments and live performances.

The product specs for the SP-1 is not yet available. The product should be available this summer for around $500.

Image Credit: Universal Audio

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