B-Mount battery systems are now the standard for ARRI cameras – and we’re getting a new camera in 2022. That’s what ARRI discussed in their latest Tech Talk video. Product Marketing Manager Sean Dooley hosted the discussion on the company’s YouTube earlier this month.

ARRI Tech Talk | March 7, 2022

ARRI B-Mount Standard

The key highlight of the Tech Talk was the announcement of ARRI’s change to focus on the B-Mount 24V batter. The main benefit of B-Mount systems is the ease and efficiency provided for mobile shooting.

B-Mount is an on-board, universal, 24V battery system that’s ideal for a compact set up. By providing 24V power and supporting 12V, B-Mount offers users a decisive advantage over other systems and enables a streamlined power source.

B-Mount batteries provide:

  • One solution for all devices
  • Rock-solid mounting interface
  • High-powered and efficient specifications
  • Next-gen data and diagnostics
  • Ideal setup for compact cameras
ARRI B-Mount
Image Credit: ARRI

Much of the reasoning behind the switch to B-Mount is related to upcoming technology.

“As we have increased demands for resolution, for color bit-depth, for frame rates, all of these things require more processing which requires more power. And so we’ve made the decision to change to a 24V as the standard across ARRI devices, and certainly B-Mount is the foundation of that.”

– Sean Dooley, Product Marketing Manager

Moving forward, any ARRI product will run through a B-Mount battery. The company has also said it will work with manufacturers to incorporate B-Mount into other products for easier compatibility between brands and help form a true industry standard.

Alexa Update

In addition to the announcement about B-Mount batteries, Dooley also provided a brief update on the upcoming ARRI S35 4K Camera.

The camera, originally rumored in 2020, is releasing this year as a B-Mount 24V native camera. It will feature image quality improvements, increased resolution, frame rate and more. This model will provide an option for cinematographers not looking to shoot in large format or full frame.

Other rumored features include a 4K 4:3 sensor, compatibility with the MVF-2 viewfinder and support codex compact drives. It will also be in a camera body that is comparable to the Alexa Mini.

Watch the Tech Talk video to learn more about all of the features.

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