Learn to Master this Critical Step on the BMPCC4K

We’ve all been there. Failing to white balance your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC4K) properly can leave you with footage that can only be mended, yet never perfected.

So how do you make sure your camera is white balanced properly?

Watch this video to see how to white balance a BMPCC4K

Let’s walk through the quick process of setting your white balance on the BMPCC4K.

Accessing the White Balance Setting on the BMPCC4K

First, you’ll need to access the white balance setting. You can find this through the white balance button on the top right of the camera. After selecting this button, the white balance settings will display on your camera screen.

You then have three options to adjust the white balance:

  1. Tap the arrows on either side of the white balance number
  2. Utilize the slider on the screen
  3. Use the wheel in front of the camera
Setting White Balance on the BMPCC4K
White Balance Menu on the BMPCC4K

Should I Use Auto White Balance?

The BMPCC4K does include an auto white balance feature. This comes in handy if you need to quickly set your white balance but don’t have time to mess with the settings. You can access this on the bottom right of the screen.

A box will appear in the middle of the screen. To set the auto white balance, place a white balance card or something similar that is white (ex. piece of paper) in front of the camera. Make sure the box in the middle of the screen is in it. You can then select the update white balance and it will automatically set the white balance.

For quick access to this feature, press and hold the white balance button. The camera will automatically white balance.

But beware – completing this setting WITHOUT placing something white in the frame will not set the white balance correctly.

Custom White Balance and Presets

If you are in the same environment often, you can create custom white balance settings. These are persistent, meaning they will stay configured between power cycles and after switching to a preset.

The BMPCC4K also includes multiple while balance presents that represent many different situations you may encounter. These include variations for sunlight, clouds, indoor locations and more. Although these settings may not be perfect and aren’t foolproof, they can be helpful when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to set the white balance on your own.

What if I Forgot to White Balance?

Were you in a hurry or just forgot to reset the white balance to match your environment? There is a band-aid to remedy the issue. You can adjust the camera’s temperature in post.

Start by adding your footage into your editing software – I’ll be using Adobe Premiere Pro. Go to the Effects and select the Master section on the top left. After converting the footage to Rec709, you can adjust the temperature of the footage in a fairly non-destructive way.

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