Sigma Developing Three Image Sensor Technology

Three Stages of Development for Three Layer Image Sensor

SIGMA provided an update on the development of their upcoming three-layer image sensor technology. As of February 2022, the development is currently underway and divided into three stages.

  • Stage 1: Repeated design simulations of the new three-layer structure to confirm that it will function as intended.
  • Stage 2: Prototype evaluation using a small image sensor with the same pixel size as the product specifications but with a reduced total pixel count to verify the performance characteristics of the image sensor in practice.
  • Stage 3: Final prototype evaluation using a full-frame image sensor with the same specifications as the mass products including the AD converter etc.

SIGMA cites the need for three stages to ensure maximum quality in the image sensor, and confirmed that it is currently in the process of creating the prototype sensor needed for stage 2.

Moving forward, SIGMA will evaluate the results of the prototype sensor and decide whether it will proceed to stage three or review data and re-prototype. SIGMA will verify the mass producibility of the sensor in stage three and decide whether or not to move forward.

It’s important to note that a specific schedule for the mass production of the image sensor has not been determined. However, the company is working to ensure the camera is a product that will please the customers who are anxiously awaiting mass production.

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