RC 120 Series Now Available from SmallRig

A new range of portable lights are now available from SmallRig.

The company announced the launch of the RC 120 Series with the release of the 120 D Daylight Point-Source Video Light and the RC 120 B Bi-Color Point-Source Video Light.

Both lights are available now. The RC 120D is $219 and the RC 120B is $259.

Credit: SmallRig

Key Features on the SmallRig RC 120 Series

The SmallRig RC 120 Series adopts COB high luminescence efficiency and integrated surface light source technology with high quality lamp beads to assure accuracy and stability of the optical parameters.

These new lights are fit for a wide range of applications, including video production, live streaming, portrait photography and product videography.

Compact portability is a prime feature of the SmallRig 120 Series. Both the RC 120 and RC 120 B lights weigh only 5.3lbs and come with a cloth storage bag for portability and protection when traveling or storing.. This case includes a precision molded insert that securely holds the light, reflector and power cord.

Additional features include:

High Luminescence

The RC 120 Series has an extremely powerful light output.

  • RC 120B – Reaches 52800 LUX at 120W
  • RC 120D- Reaches 62600 LUX at 120W

High Quality Color Rendering

After undergoing critical color evaluation tests, RC 120 Point-Source LED lights show consistently high color rendering capabilities. Results show accurate reproduction of natural colors and stable color performance.

You can also take advantage of a wide color temperature range (2700K-6500K) for easier adjustment of how warm or cool the ight source is.

Ultra-Quiet Active Cooling System

Background noise can be the ultimate frustration in post-production. With the RC 120 Series, you can ensure your recording is free of background noise.

An ultra-quiet fan automatically turns on when the temperature of the light body reaches a certain temperature – and the noise is only 27dB at a distance of 3ft. This is quieter than a whisper of the hum of a refrigerator.

Dual Power Supply System

The lights are powered by a dual power supply system. This supports 12-30V DC power supplies, adapters and V-Mount batteries.

Standard Bowens Mount

The RC 120 Point-Source Video Light is fully compatible with a wide range of lighting modifiers. This allows for maximum control of light shaping and diffusion.

The setup even includes a built-in umbrella hole for easy assembly of umbrella lighting accessories.

Nine Light Effects

  • Flash
  • Paparazzi
  • Lightning
  • Party
  • Faulty Bulb
  • TV
  • Flame
  • Fireworks
  • Breath

Remote Light Control from SmallRIG App

The RC 120 Point-Source Video Lights can be controlled through the SmallGoGo App. This allows you to control multiple lights simultaneously (up to 100m/328 ft away). This adds additional opportunity for creativity other than the manual adjustment.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

SmallRig Review Coming Soon

We’re excited to review these lights soon. Stay tuned to Frame Voyager to hear what we think of the new compact and portable offering from SmallRig.

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