A GoPro Cinema Camera? Company Announces Focus on “Specialized” Cameras

GoPro is expanding its camera lineup in 2022 with the addition of two new models. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announced plans to develop a new line of “professional specialized cameras” during a recent earnings call.

GoPro HERO 10 Black
Image Credit: GoPro

New GoPro will be More Specialized

Part of GoPro’s updated strategy is to offer products for professionals – not just hobbyists. The specialized offering isn’t designed to be a Swiss Army Knife that meets the needs of everyone. It will provide a premium solution for specific use and better meet the needs of professional videographers.

“We need to do things that our users have been asking for years that we just can’t get done with the existing line of HERO cameras, due to its physical constraints,” Woodman said. “But if we’ll make it an entirely new camera based on HERO’s technologies, we can offer a much more professional product that this market segment will want to pay even more for these types of solutions.”

While the cameras will offer new features, Woodman emphasized that these models won’t be developed from scratch. The new camera will utilize valuable features from the HERO models. This emphasis on existing R&D technology could mean a product release by late 2022.

Modified GoPro HERO10 Black
Image Credit: GoPro

Two New Cameras in 2022?

Finally, Woodman confirmed the expansion of GoPro’s lineup with the addition of two new camera models. GoPro currently offers the HERO and MAX models, and will expand to four distinct products by the end of 2022. Details on the additional model have not been released at this time. Woodman further added that the lineup should grow even more in the coming years.

GoPro also has an extensive roadmap planned for software updates to the cloud and desktop applications.

So – do you think the addition of a “specialized” camera will work for GoPro’s lineup? It’s an interesting and exciting move for the company leading the market in action and sports cameras.

Are you excited to add this gear to your bag?

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