Sony ZV-E10 Affected by Chip Shortage
Credit: Sony

Everything seems to be in short supply these days – and that includes critical chips and parts for cameras. Companies around the globe, including Sony, are currently backordering product because of parts shortages.

A recent report by CNET Japan shows that the Sony market share in Japan took a massive hit due to its inability to produce enough equipment and keep shelves stocked.

Sony reportedly brought production of its ZV-E10 camera to a halt because of a lack of parts availability. This camera had a relatively low price point and was a top seller in the market. The halt in production resulted in a significant drop in sales and an increase in the average price of product.

While this news specifically refers to Sony and the market in Japan, it could provide a look at how the overall market is performing. We’ll keep an eye on the current trends and update you if more companies are affected by the parts shortages.

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