Speculation is growing about what cameras Canon is releasing in 2022. These rumors began after a patent application surfaced showing an updated cinema camera model.

The Features of the Cinema Camera

The New Camera reports that Canon is developing the successor to the ME200S-SH multi-purpose camera. According to the website, this new camera will feature an RF mount and display unit with reimagined controls.

Additionally, the camera will have the option to be battery operated. The previous model of the ME200S-SH was limited to a direct line for power and gave users no option for battery power. This would be an intriguing addition for users.

A closer look at the mockup drawings shows a camera that is nearly identical to the RED Digital Cinema Komodo 6K. Everything from the design, profile and structure to the location of the buttons and the batteries is the the same as RED’s cinema camera.

Canon ME200S-SH
The rumored camera would be an updated version of the ME200S-SH. Image: Canon

What Canon is Saying

While we don’t have official confirmation from Canon, the rumors are in contrast to statements from the company.

Canon recently released its 2021 investor relations report and forecasted the plans for 2022. These plans include a heavy focus on the EOS lineup of full frame mirrorless cameras. The report did not mention a company plan to invest in the cinema camera offering.

“Canon will strengthen the competitiveness of product lineup mainly in EOS R system cameras and interchangeable lenses while reinforcing sales promotion efforts amid a shift to mirrorless cameras”

– Canon, January 2022

Again, Canon has yet to comment on the rumored cinema camera. When more information is made available, we will provide an update on our news page and on Ungraded Camera News.

So what do you think? Is Canon working on a camera to compete with the RED Komodo 6K? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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