Frame Voyager Ungraded Episode 1 - Blackmagic Predictions

Introducing the Frame Voyager Ungraded Podcast

What should we expect from Blackmagic this year? In this episode of the Frame Voyager Ungraded podcast, John sits down with Tim Buttner to discuss what new products and features may be coming soon.

Listen to the first episode of the Frame Voyager Ungraded Podcast

About Our Guest

Tim Buttner is a multi-media expert with vast experience in color grading, filming, editing, visual effects and Stereoscopic 3D. He was selected as beta tester for Blackmagic Design’s URSA MINI 4.6K camera. Tim is also a great source of knowledge for Blackmagic Design and the camera industry, and is a constant presence in Blackmagic groups and forums online. Check out Tim’s work here.

Frame Voyager Ungraded is available on Spotify and Apple.

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