Blackmagic Camera’s Use in New Movie Sparks Speculation

An older product in the Blackmagic portfolio is making headlines after it was used in the recent Hollywood blockbuster The King’s Man. This week we’re talking about the future of the Micro Cinema camera – will Blackmagic phase out this model or are they planning to revamp with a new release?

Could Blackmagic release a new Micro Cinema camera soon?

About the Micro Studio 4K

The Micro Studio Camera 4K hit the market in 2015 shortly after the release of the URSA Mini. At the time, there were concerns about the usefulness of the camera. It doesn’t record internally and requires an external monitor. It’s clear that this camera was designed to be installed somewhere else (like a broadcast studio) and quickly became a choice for users looking for a tiny camera to use with live stream or live production work.

The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera. Image Credit: Blackmagic Design

Is There a Future for the Micro Studio 4K?

The Micro Studio 4K’s use in recent films shows that the camera is a valuable piece of equipment for filmmakers. The Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K still has a place in the market, but there is concern with the current inventory. Many speculate that there is a sensor shortage and Blackmagic has stopped all orders from resellers. It is also no longer featured on the company’s website.

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